About Us


Lunar Melts has been in the wax game since August 2018 and is currently run by mother and daughter – slowly expanding to the full family!

Since 2019 we have actively participated in markets and events all over Scotland and in 2022, we aim to do a lot more (COVID restrictions permitting). In 2022 we will be expanding our range of products by delving into the cosmetics industry – more to be announced soon!

Our main aim is to have a brand where customers could have affordable home fragrance without any multi-level marketing schemes or subscriptions. Just a simple approach of giving good products for a good price.

Our stall at the Erskine Motorbike Meet | 5th September 2021

All of the products we produce are completely handmade and formulated by ourselves with hand-picked testers (not animals!) providing their noses for scent-related feedback. All labels and packaging are also designed by us and can be fully customised!

We only use natural soy wax in all of our wax products and all of our fragrances are sourced in Scotland and are friendly to both children and pets. All of our wax melts are coloured using cosmetic-grade mica powder (the type used in makeup, bath bombs and soap) instead of dyes – our candles do not feature mica powder to showcase the natural colour of soy wax. 

Our Room Mists are water-based and ideal for rooms, cars, and other enclosed spaces (we advise that you do a patch test of our room mists before spraying on soft furnishings first!).

In the wake of COP26 we have set out plans to only use recyclable plastics and biodegradable packaging from 2022 onwards. Our Mini Heart Melts for example are packaged in glassine bags which are completely biodegradable and compostable. Our Room Mists are bottled in HDPE bottles which are derived from sugar cane plants which are also completely recyclable.

All of our other products use recyclable plastics, and we are working on a reuse scheme where customers can have their jars refilled to further reduce plastic use. Our Tranquillity Collection candles already have a refill scheme where customers can get in touch once their candle has been completely burned and their candle will be refilled for half the price to reduce glass waste.